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By Joel Torres, President

Welcome our Website, I first want to say on behalf of the Board and myself “a million thanks for giving us your vote of confidence and the mandate to represent your business investment”

In the past, the coming together of tour operators in the BNTOA may have only had a limited impact on issues, but I would like to assure you that your current Board intends to play a significant role in the issues affecting our industry and participate in the overall decision making process. At this time we are in the process of registering the BNTOA as a NGO so that we may partner and align ourselves with organizations that share similar objectives and goals. Ours is not an individual concern but a collective one under the banner of a recognized board and its general membership. I say this because I know many of our members have made positive industry impacts as individuals. Now the BNTOA will harness these resources and go forth in unity, thus enabling the kind of contribution that the BNTOA was originally created to do. “When people come together and work for the common good of each other, great things begin to happen
We now have Mr. Manuel Heredia Jr. as our new Minister of Tourism and we will make every effort to share our member’s vast knowledge and wisdom with his ministry. We will immediately establish an open door policy to stay on top of the GOB plans for our industry. Our goal is to be involved at the consultation and planning stage instead of reacting after the fact.

As your President, you will remember that I pledged my hard work and diligence to the newly elected Board and to you, the members. So, I want to thank you again for your support as we move forward “to serve and advance the interests of all BNTOA members”